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Sports Sand

High quality sports sand - certified, tested and approved by the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) and conforms to USGA standards. Our sports sand is perfect for improving and enhancing the drainage of football & rugby turf, golf courses, bowling greens & more. We will provide you with the very best sports sand - washed to remove dirt & silt to deliver a fine, soft finish to this premium product.

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Check out just some of the benefits of using neogem's premium-quality cobblestones in your builds. To find out more we recommend giving our specialists a call or fill in a quote form and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Cost Effective

Cost effective sports sand that will deliver excellence every time.

Good Air-Filled Porosity

Our sports sands offers excellent porosity; resulting in good aeration & drainage

Consistent Grading

Our excellent sports sand offers consistency in grading

Durable Aggregate

This durable sports sand performs even under the toughest conditions

Low Maintenance

Our sports sand is both easy to apply and maintain

Naturally Sourced

A naturally sourced sand that is free of contaminants to offer top-performance

STRI Approved

Sports sand that's been tested & approved by the Sports Turf Research Institute

Low Moisture

A very low moisture sports sand that offers excellent quality as a drainage layer


Find out more about the applications of Sports Sand and how it can be tailored to your particular projects.

Surface Dressing

Optimise soil nutrients and improve drainage - very good on all-weather turfs

Golf Bunker

High quality sports sand - ideal for use in Golf bunkers


Improve the conditions of your sports pitch or turf

Play Sand

Soft and clean of dirt and silt - our sports sand is an ideal component


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