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Fertiliser Stone

Our specialist blend of fertiliser stone is a natural limestone bulking agent that can be mixed into nitrogen-based fertiliser to improve it's spreading characteristics.

Optimise the quality and yield of your crop by naturally enhancing your fertiliser and getting a more even spread when applying it.

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Check out just some of the benefits of using neogem's superior quality fertiliser stone in your field applications. To find out more we recommend giving our specialists a call or fill in a quote form and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Strong, Dense, Durable

Does not break up during the blending process

Grading & Shape

Shaped and graded exclusively for use with modern fertilisers

Bulking Agent

A bulking agent - making it easier to apply or delay the release of the fertiliser

Natural Solution

Our fertiliser stone offers a natural, organic solution for spreading fertiliser

Low Moisture

Low moisture content so it doesn't react with fertiliser during storage

Low Fines Content

Reduces level of airborne dust during spreading

Easy to Spread

Our fertiliser stone is easy to apply to your fertiliser and spread


An inert material that does not react with fertilizer during storage


Fertiliser stone is a limestone based aggregate that is used for bulking out NPK fertiliser to aid it's spreading characteristics and improve the quality of the crop as it enhances the reach of the fertiliser used in your field.


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